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Led Mirrors: Selecting the right components


China as we all know has turned out to be the world’s factory beating both quality and price.Buying from china has never been easier with websites like alibaba/madeinchina and turning up on major buyer seller meet events like Canton-fair which gives you the opportunity to meet manufacturers and trading companies from all over the globe.If you are an experienced buyer from Asia ,you know the tricks on finding the right supplier who can support you with consistency on both price and quality.Although it would be challenging for new importers or importers looking to add a new product on their existing list.As a seller of Led Mirrors from China ,my main objective would be to guide you on what are the important points you should compare on while buying bathroom mirrors .

Neck throat price Competition drives the market trend ,be it EAST/WEST/NORTH/SOUTH given everyone is supplying a reliable quality product.If we talk about recently trending Illuminated Mirrors or Bluetooth Led Mirrors with other optional sensors and demystifying pads ,we are looking at something which is a mix of multiple products.Here’s to make it more simple.

A mirror with Bluetooth component can be connected with smartphone and has the ability to make you feel relaxed or dance if you are looking for entertainment in bath/ living room/bed room/kitchen or any other place where the mirror would end up with a connected source of power.

Mirrors with electrical components when used in bath should be safe from moisture ,if used in any other part of house should be safe from dust and moisture.To look at this mirror the components would be :

- Mirror

- Bluetooth module with speakers

- Led strip

- Touch button

- Defogger

Optional items can be: Electric shaver socket/Date time display/Driver/Back frame .

I would explain the quality parameters on each of them to make it easier for you to negotiate on both price and quality while talking to your suppliers.

Copper free mirror vs Aluminum mirror and silver mirror comparison

Mirror can be aluminum coated/silver coated/anti oxidant coated/epoxy coated/copper free , most of the buyers don’t know so much details like aluminum mirror is easy to get oxidized in an environment with moisture.Silver mirrors are better then aluminum in terms of getting oxidized and brightness.Anti oxidant and epoxy coating can be done on both aluminum and silver mirrors increasing the life of mirrors. Copper-free mirrors are best rated with regards to environmental safety and longevity.

Bluetooth modules are available in different range depending whether it’s certified or not. Usually certified components might be more expensive but they last longer.You may leave it to your supplier if they guarantee overall life of 3+ years.

Defogger strips stick on the back and can be PVC or PET.PET defogger strips usually last more then 4 years and are better then pvc defoggers. Another important consideration on defogger is the size of defogger pad should not be too small compared to mirror size else it would take more time for mist to be cleared .

Led strips are very important as you need to care about lumen/kelvin/IP rating/Effective usage lifetime. Lumen, CRI, Kelvin is all about how bright and natural the light is projected .IP rating makes sure if these strips are safe from moisture and dust.I would suggest to atleast have IP44 rated components so that your mirrors last longer.Most of suppliers giving you cheap price use IP22 rated components which might have short-circuit any time. Effective lifetime is for how many hours the light intensity of strips would last ,after which it starts dropping.50,000+ hours would be a very good life time based on effective usage of 5-6 hours a day ,you can still see the intensity of light to last long even if you get a lifetime imprisonment and back home.

Lifetime of touch button should go with life of led strips as you would not look to replace one after an year of purchasing. All other electric components like Time and Date should at-least come with a minimum guarantee of 3+ years and should have cUL certificates.

The final component, which is the backbone of the mirror is the frame.Frames can be Aluminum/Pvc/Wood depending upon the price you are willing to pay for.Aluminum frames can also have different qualities but is best when compared to other options as it has low corrosion rate ,specially if anodized and has high strength and lightweight advantage.

Yoway Electric Technology Co. Ltd is a mirror manufacturing company based in Tengzhou city,Shandong province.

We have been manufacturing and supplying mirrors from past 10 years to top distributors and importers worldwide.

For more information on what we do visit our website or drop an email at

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