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Where to place large mirrors?

Large mirrors have always been a popular choice, their larger reflections give a sense of wider space in rooms and a feeling of luxury when placed correctly.

lighted mirrors for makeup , wide mirrors with good quality reflection, lighting for makeup and smart mirror functions
Lighted Mirrors are widely used in modern houses

But finding the space to place these mirrors can be tough, especially when they are just meant for decoration.

if you are planning to get one for your home or looking for new options as a vendor, this guide will give you a good idea of the best sizes, features, and places you could be having them installed later on.


Types of Large Mirrors

The bigger dimensions set up new ways to decorate with mirrors, the main purpose is to give a sense of wider space in smaller places, but with new technologies, there are a whole new array of uses for Large mirrors, first, you should consider the orientation:

- Landscape Large Mirrors:

Placed in large bathrooms with custom vanities or also in large but narrow corridors. these mirrors are usually very wide with a limited height of about 60 to 80 cm. (24 to 31 inches).

- Portrait Large Mirrors:

Popular in Bathrooms with taller ceilings or in makeup tables, they can cover the complete wall starting from the vanity itself, some may go up to 2 meters tall (78 inches)

- Dressing Mirrors or Full-Length Mirrors:

Full-length mirrors allow you to see your complete reflection from head to toe. They are usually more in height than the width and can be found almost anywhere around the house. There are several restrictions though, regarding their positioning to be able to see yourself completely, you must be careful when placing these mirrors as if their position is not right, you won't be able to see yourself entirely, either missing part of your head or lower body. A common size for these mirrors is 100 to 200 cm (40 to 78 inches tall) with 40 to 55 cm (16 to 21 inches) wide.

- Self-standing Mirrors:

The name speaks for itself, contrary to wall mirrors, the self-standing variants can be easily brought along to wherever you need, giving them more flexibility to move around the house.

Some of our Dressing mirrors come with dual options, letting customers have their mirrors hanged on the wall or self-standing!

They are usually not as tall as the Full-Length Mirrors, having their maximum height up to 170 cm (70 inches).

full-length mirrors, self-standing mirrors for home decoration, lighting built in full length mirrors for living rooms bed rooms and corridors
full-length mirrors with self-standing frames


Popular Sizes for Large Mirrors

Some popular choices for households looking to purchase mirrors in terms of sizes are the following ones:

- Landscape Large Mirrors:

- 48x36 inches // 1200x900mm

- 48x28 inches // 1200x700mm

- 60x28 inches // 1500x700mm

- 70x32 inches // 1700*800mm

- 72x36 inches // 1800*900mm

Other standard sizes are 1200x600 or even 1000x600 for medium-sized rooms.

- Portrait Large Mirrors

- 36x48 inches // 900x1200mm

- 28x48 inches // 700x1200mm

- 28x60 inches // 700x1500mm

Always keep in mind when selecting Portrait Large Mirrors for your bathroom, the height of your vanity, and the height of your floor! 600x1000mm is a popular size that leaves enough space even for the tallest vanities.

- Dressing Mirror or Full Length Mirrors:

- 22x55 inches // 558x1397mm

- 24x65 inches // 609x1651mm

- 12x48 inches // 304.8x1219mm

- 20x59 inches // 508x1498mm

The most important thing while selecting a full-length mirror is that it should be able to give a complete reflection of you. The narrowest size recommended for that use is 12inches or 304.8mm, anything narrower than that will be harder to place where it can give a complete reflection.

Self Standing mirrors:

Our selection of self-standing mirrors has fixed sizes that do very well. Their main limitation is weight, you don't want to get a heavy mirror that is hard to move and will likely remain upon the wall all the time.

- 22x61 inches. (558x1550mm).

- 22x70 inches (558x1700mm).


Tips on placing large mirrors

With such big mirrors, you can't go wrong fixing a place to take part in your rooms, later on changing them can be messy, costly, and even dangerous.

Below you'll find some inspiring ideas that hopefully will help when deciding where to place these gorgeous mirrors.

Go for a large Wide Mirror when having a single large basin.

Large bespoke mirror with lighting
Large mirror with single vanity setup

Large wide mirrors give a complete reflection and can fit perfectly with your cabinet and vanity.
If combined with dimmable and tone changing lighting technologies, you can use your mirror to setup the mood for relaxing or starting your day.

Large Tall Mirrors look marvelous on a two basin set-up.

Tall Large Mirrors, multipurpose mirrors, lighted mirrors for bathroom, elegant large mirrors ideas for double basin setup
Tall Mirrors with double basin setup

Tall Mirrors in a double setup fit perfectly on large bathrooms for family use or guests!

Large Tall Mirrors fit perfectly as part of your Dresser table.

Lighted dresser table mirror for makeup, square backlit mirror, luxury mirror for dresser table, stylish designed backlit mirror for bedroom
Lighted Dresser table mirror

With a well lighted large mirror, daily makeup becomes a pleasure, at the same time, lighted mirrors give a unique luxury feel to rooms that is hard to replicate with a regular framed mirror.

Place Wider mirrors on your corridors to create an illusion of wider space

led mirror on hallway, lighted mirror on corridors, ideas to create wide space on narrow hallways
Hallway lighted mirror placement

Large Portrait Mirrors can create the illusion of larger space on narrow corridors, especially in larger corridors.
Corridors do not receive natural lighting in most cases, by using Lighted Mirrors, hallways can be properly lit, plus you can change the focal point on corridors, enhancing the energy and feng-shui around the house.

With Smart Features, a dressing mirror upon your house reception will astonish guests and become useful on a daily basis.

smart mirrors with weather display , smart mirrors for home reception, smart mirror for daily uses, ideas for smart large mirrors in home decoration
Large reception mirror with Smart Weather Display

Custom Sized Mirrors upon your walk-in closet or dresser will bring luxury like you never imagined.

Lighted Mirrors on Walk-in Closets, ideas for lighted mirrors with modern functions and led lighting, lighting ideas for luxurious closets and bedrooms
Mirrors in Closets

Storage solution with Full-length mirror cabinets!

Bathroom and bedroom storage solution, smart mirror cabinet with storage compartment
Dressing Cabinet Storage Solution

Dressing Mirror cabinets can be both handy and elegant, suitable for both bathrooms and bedrooms, they can give a full-body reflection and at the same time serve as a storage & lighting solution for your rooms. Most of our models are made with exquisite finishes, premium materials, and enough space to fit all your daily appliances.

Light your mirrors and get rid of the shadows!


Note for Safety:

Large mirrors have a very extended surface of glass, which upon breaking could cause damage, we recommend and insist as a professional manufacturer to include safety film in all models considered as large mirrors to protect the safety of consumers.

Yoway Electric Technology Co. Ltd is a Professional Mirror manufacturing company based in Tengzhou city, Shandong province.

We have been manufacturing and supplying mirrors for the past 10 years to top distributors and importers worldwide.

For more information on what we do visit our website or drop an email at

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