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Color accuracy on Mirrors - Explained

Mirrors take a vital part of our lives, their reflections tells us how we look on others people's eyes and can even change the perception we have of ourselves.

But very few know that mirrors can actually produce different kinds of reflections and colors. While a regular consumer may not consider these aspects so much but for Professional makeup artists, interior designers or high-end customers it is of great importance.

With this article we dive deep into the reflection aspects of modern mirrors, following the past articles "lighting basics for bathroom furniture" and "are your mirrors bright enough?"

Types of Mirrors

Besides Aluminum, Silver and Copper-free mirrors, manufacturers can also produce different color tones in mirrors, such as bronze, grey, gold, antique and even pink. Colored mirrors are used mostly for lavish interior decoration projects rather than bathrooms.

Even for colored mirrors the type of glass used is of great concern. Although most manufacturers use High-grade glass, there are some who still would save on costs having mirrors produced on lower-grade glass and silver coatings, producing a less vivid reflection compared to the mirrors on the high-end markets.

Most professional manufacturers can deliver detailed specs on their mirrors like:

  • Mirror tint

  • Light Transmission percentage

  • Light Reflection percentage

  • Coating type and thickness

When looking at this you may pay attention to higher light transmission and reflection percentages, as well as a silver mirror tint or neutral.

The coating type on mirror back and it's thickness is of equal importance as it does influence mirror lifespan. When used in wet rooms, you may want Copper free and Anti-Oxidant coatings with thicker layers of protection from moist.

Lighting : Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Led Mirrors are a great option when looking for more accurate reflections, especially in Lighted mirror designs which are made with integrated task lighting and designed for that use purpose. But when we look into the market we may find out that some mirrors give more comfortable reflections than others.

This is because different suppliers may use different Led Strips on their products, in the case of lower-end lighted mirrors, the strips may not only be less bright but also produce less accurate colors.

The Color Rendering Index or CRI is a good way to measure and differentiate mirrors that produce more accurate reflections from those who don't.

The CRI index goes from 0 to 100, being 100 the highest as the colors reproduced from Daylight, the idea is to have as closest to 100 possible when doing makeup, grooming or other tasks.

When it gets tricky...

For most cases it is very hard for mirrors to produce a reflection for the lighting conditions outside, even when you look at CRI, suppliers may offer CRI90+ mirrors with 6000K lighting temperature, but sunlight is at 5500K temperature and if you are preparing for a night-out, the light tones may also be entirely different from the ones in your mirror.

Use Tripe tone mirrors combined with CRI90+

As manufacturers of lighted mirrors we constantly think about the experiences consumers have with their mirrors and the issues they may find, as in this case, the ideal solution for demanding professional consumers is to use customized mirrors with Triple tone lighting.

Triple tone lighting can be adjusted from 2700K to 6000K, giving all the common light spectrum you may find out there, so you can have reflections for all sorts of scenarios.

We found Triple tone lighting is still a very underrated feature for most distributors despite how incredibly useful and flexible this technology is. Customers can have a multipurpose mirror, that can replace any other makeup mirror at their house as it will reproduce all lighting conditions for daytime, office and nights out and other scenarios.

Our custom sensors for Triple tone lighting also make the transition from different tones smooth and easy to use, allowing us to fix the lighting at the exact tone we want to.

For demanding customers or distributors looking for getting an edge on the markets we strongly recommend looking into triple tone technology, you may contact us for further understanding of costs and specs when implementing this feature to your mirrors.

Yoway Electric Technology Co. Ltd is a Professional Mirror manufacturing company based in Tengzhou city, Shandong province.

We have been manufacturing and supplying Mirrors with LED Technology for the past 10 years to top distributors and importers worldwide.

For more information on what we do visit our website or drop an email at

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