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Top 5 Reasons to choose Led Mirrors instead of Regular Mirrors

The world is changing every second. It’s not like you don’t know that, but your contribution to this change makes you a part of the change. If you are a seller ,these reasons would be helpful for you to educate your customers .If you are a buyer ,you would convince yourself to #BeAPartOfTheInnovation by giving yourself a reason to buy led mirrors from Yoway .

Reason one: Look natural

the perfect mirror to look naturla

Their is no place better relaxing place then the Bathroom. Everyone loves to spend time reading a book in the bathtub or letting the water fall on from the shower pod. Be it summer or winter, we like to begin our day fresh and also don’t forget that freshness of soul is equally attached to how fresh you look . Well any mirror would let you see yourself but the actual tone of the skin cannot be seen if you don’t have a window letting the sunlight pass to give that perfect light.

Led mirrors use led strips which can emit up to 6000k natural light. So this solves the problem if you are stuck in a shower with no source of natural light.

Reason two: Take a call or Listen to music by connecting in-built Bluetooth speakers

Smartphones are our best friends ,even in shower room we like to carry it along. Some carry it for entertainment , some are afraid of in-house detectives  while some might have top secret things which can only be screened in a safe place like bathroom. I carry my phone too, until recently it accidentally slipped inside the shower pod and water got inside.

Led mirrors come with built-in bluetooth and speakers that lets you conveniently enjoy your favorite music with high volume while you keep phone at a safer distance from water.

And don’t worry about mirrors getting affected with moisture, when you buy from Yoway ,we assure you to provide mirrors with components which are IP44/IP65 rated ,thus solving the problem of moisture or dust effecting it.

Reason three: Mist/Fog free mirror surface

Keeping your mirrors clean after shower its hard, unless you have LED Mirrors

We often have to rub the mirror surface after a hot shower to clear the fog/mist. In addition to blurry looks, fog/mist that gets deposited on the mirror surface could affect the life of mirror as it contributes to faster oxidation resulting in black edges on the corners.

Led mirrors do come with a heating pad which keeps the mirror fog free and you can smile and feel confident that you are ready to do something that you didn’t do yesterday.

Reason four: Multiple color tones and dimmable lighting

Light Temperature examples

I am not only a seller of led mirror but also a user .The mirror which i use has 2 light colors Warm and Natural. With a touch of button the color changes and that is a good option as i prefer warm but my wife likes natural light tone. Led mirrors from Yoway come with multiple options of RGB/WRGB/2color/3color lighting .

Led Mirrors can adjust the brightness and temperature of light. It's very easy and no need for complex electric installations and accessories.

Reason five: Long lasting and Eco-friendly.

Mirror itself is the most important component of any Led Mirror/Simple Mirror. To simplify this point ,mirror production process requires deposition of metal coating on glass surface like silver/aluminum/lead/copper. Metals oxidize when they come in contact with moisture also metals like lead and copper have environmental effects. It's always suggestable to use mirrors which are lead and copper free .

Yoway led mirrors use top quality copper and lead free mirror making it difficult to get oxidized .With lead content of < 1 ppm we make sure your loved ones and your surroundings are safer then ever.

A Mirror that everyone can use, the family mirror

These reasons are quiet justified for an anyone to go for a led mirror instead of a simple mirror. As a topping i would enlist one more point to convince .The day i hung it up on the wall ,i felt happy as my wife and kids thanked me .I felt as if i have given them a better reason to look at the mirror everyday.

Yoway Electric Technology Co. Ltd is a mirror manufacturing company based in Tengzhou city,Shandong province.

We have been manufacturing and supplying mirrors from past 10 years to top distributors and importers worldwide.

For more information on what we do visit our website or drop an email at

Whole range of Lighted Mirrors

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