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Our Bathroom mirrors and Cabinets have won the trust of our OEM clients across the globe and now our products are available for consumers directly under HiYoway brand.

As with our experience of manufacturing products for some of the top global bathroom brands we believe HiYoway products will continue to make you smile for years to come. 


Why should you buy a HiYoway Mirror

The biggest problems in a Led Mirror are as follows:

1) Black Edges

2) Broken Mirror

3) Electronic Components Not Working

4) Low Brightness

All HiYoway products have a manufacturer's guarantee of 3 years which is more than the average guarantee given by top electronic and home appliances brands. Our mirrors are environment friendly as the paint used on back of mirrors have lead and copper content of < 1PPM. This also results in slower oxidation of the silver coating on mirror, increasing the average life of mirror to more than 5 years even when placed in a highly humid environment. The minimum packaging standard used by us is ISTA-1A which has been tested to sustain breaking of glass products during drop shipping.

The final issue of lower brightness has been solved by using IP44 led strips which are UL and CE certified. Higher brightness is achieved by usage of 90+ CRI Leds which are mostly required in projects. Regular mirrors we produce for consumer market are 80+ CRI and is suitable for small and medium sized bathrooms with no other lighting source.

Some product reviews of HiYoway Mirrors


We are looking to grow HiYoway family. If you want to join us on our quest, then click the link below.

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