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Gamme London

Miroir rétroéclairé de base

Gamme London

Miroir rétroéclairé de base


  • Bouton tactile d'empreinte digitale de signature sur la surface du miroir.

  • Tampon antibuée.

  • Éclairage neutre 4000K pour des tons naturels.

  • Miroir sans cuivre résistant à la rouille.

  • Monture extra fine et légère.

  • Respectueux de l'environnement.

  • Garantie de 3 ans.

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Fabriqué par des professionnels

Miroir rétroéclairé de base

More Colors

Find new tones and more options to fit all modern bathroom furniture all with a premium finish. 

  • Highly durable and resistant Aluminum extrusions specifically made for our cabinet range. 

  • Rust Resistant Copper Free Mirror, avoid black spots and humidity affecting your reflections. 

  • IP65 Certified high brightness led strips. 

  • Double Mirror Safety film. 

  • UL, CE, UKCA certified. 


Smooth round corners

Equipped with a tiny but powerful motion sensor, you can easily turn on and off the lights of your medicine cabinet without even touching it. 


New Brushed Tones

Vibrant and shiner tones that can bring life and style to your rooms, available in:


- Silver Tone

- Golden Tone

- Black Tone


Seamless Corner Joints

A powerful and handy socket that opens convenience for a myriad of appliances to use at the tip of your fingers. 

Compatible with all Smart Functions

Have a special backlit glow with our medicine cabinets, the ideal combination of having a task light in the front of your mirror and nice ambient light on both tops and bottom. 


Are you distributor? 

Contact our sales team and get the details for your dealership. 

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