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Do you really need a magnifying mirror ?

Magnifying mirrors are an essential part of our vanity kit, whether it's for makeup, shaving and other uses. They allow us to see details that we won't be able to notice on a regular mirror.

Magnifying mirrors being so popular, makes them come in different size such as 10, 15, 30cm in round or square shaped magnifying mirrors with zoom options of 2x, 3x, 5x, 7x and even 10x.

How to make the choice among so many different options?

The most important fact is to know what are you gonna use the mirror for, or how your customers use the mirror, different magnification ratios are suitable for different applications. This is a crucial decision that will dictate what will fit better to our needs. In terms of

Magnify Ratio :

2X: Better for general and simple makeup application, the distance from the mirror is more than 24 inches (around 50cm) and can give you a more general look.

3X: For a more precise application such as applying eyeliner.

5X: the most popular choice, the focal point for this mirror is around 12 inches (30cm) best suited for a precise makeup , shaving or for cleaning pores.

10X: this is probably the top of the line, anything above 10X zoom for a mirror is not necessary as this level of zoom already gives an extreme amount of detail and you need to get very close to the surface to be able to use it (10cm or 4.2 inches).

The main use for 10X magnifying mirrors is tweezing or shaving.

Mirror size

regarding the size of your magnifying mirror, you need to consider that the larger the zoom, the longer will be the distance you need to take from the mirror in order to see your reflection clearly, so if you are choosing a 3X mirror, you may want to go for a larger size such as 20+cm of diameter.

Embedded on your bathroom mirror or separate magnifying?

Led mirrors already come with the magnifying mirror feature in-built, which makes it convenient for saving space, avoid drilling unnecessary holes on the wall for an external magnifying mirror and you can use it anytime you are in front of your mirror seamlessly.

The cons are that usually embedded mirror options in the market have a fixed position and many brands choose to place them on the bottom of the mirror, so you need to get closer and it's not very comfortable to use in all cases. Separate magnifying mirrors usually come with a telescopic arm which can be positioned as per our needs which makes it far convenient.

Another cons is that due to the focal point distance, embedded magnifying mirrors can not exceed 5X zoom, or is not ideal to have more than 5X, because you'll need to get too close to the surface of the glass and the vanity is always on the way of that making it harder to use.

Nevertheless, for the whole majority of consumers, 3X and 5X embedded mirrors on led are great, especially when the position of the magnifying mirror on the glass surface is correct, they are easy to use, have integrated lighting and they look amazing as part of our bathrooms.


Yoway Electric Technology Co. Ltd is a Professional Mirror manufacturing company based in Tengzhou city, Shandong province.

We have been manufacturing and supplying Mirrors with LED Technology for the past 10 years to top distributors and importers worldwide.

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