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NY Cabinet

Framed Door

The door is comprised of Copper Free Mirror in front backed by Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) . The boundary of the door is black matt aluminum frame.

Yoway products use  Copper Free Mirror coatings which results in mirrors free of heavy contaminated metals, plus, tarnishes at a much slower pace than other mirrors in the market. 

Choosing Eco-Friendly mirrors also reduce your cost, by not having to replace them every year because of corroded etches. 

Frame can also be in other colors (Brushed and Matt) finishes.

Top n Bottom Lights

Lighting is an essential component that can make your bathroom look its best apart from its practical considerations. Bathroom lighting requires a good plan whether it uses an artificial or natural source of light. It needs to be supplied from different directions and a variety of heights to provide better illumination. The elderly and other people who have impaired vision may benefit significantly from adequate lighting, as it boosts their level of visibility.



Successful bathroom lighting is comprised of a combination of ambient, accent, decorative and task lighting.


Adjustable Shelves

A cabinet in your bathroom lets your organize all toiletries and bathroom stuff in a pretty descent way. Especially if it comes with an adjustable shelves then you can also adjust the height to fit in things which might not fit in regular shelves.

The shelves are tempered which prevents accidents of glass breakage and can take descent weight of the products stored.

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